About Us

Don Strobel has managed Michigan's largest petting farm for more than 12 years. He saw an unmet need to take the educational aspects of domestic animals on the road, so he decided to fill the niche. It all started with the petting farm—about 12 farm animals in a 16-foot stock trailer. Today, our petting farm menagerie travels in a custom 32-foot double-decked trailer and includes more than 50 familiar and rare domestic farm animals.

Don has since expanded the mobile animal exhibit to include camel rides, an exotic animal display, and the world's first mobile walk-through bird encounter.

Don has 30+ years of experience with animals of all types: from dogs and cats to exotic birds, reptiles, primates, and hoofstock from several continents.

Michelle Strobel didn't own a dog until she was 22 years old, but she's never looked back at her city upbringing. For the past 10 years, Michelle has worked with Don on the farm, bottle-raising camel babies, calves, and even a pair of puppies. She directs the marketing and advertising components of Animal Oasis, and she works events with Don on the weekends when she's not focusing on her full-time marketing communications job.